Hello Parents!

Hi everyone, the children are loving your messages so keep them coming – lots of you are mentioning how quiet it is at home. We now know what you mean! Beamish and Holy Island were great experiences for the children, if a little wet and windy at times. The sea was rough but beautiful, miles of golden beaches and sunshine shimmering on the water – wow!
It doesn’t look like we will be doing the boat trip tomorrow, as more heavy winds forecast (not a boat in sight today) but we will still have a wonderful time fishing in the rock pools. The video conferencing with Mrs Cummings was a great success, another first for us! Bye for now…
Mrs Fearnley and all x

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  1. hiya mikey like the picture glad to see your smiling!! hope you enjoyed fishing and rock pooling dont fetch the crabs and things home!!everyone missing you here nanna says hi, its you last night tonight weeks gone really quick, cant wait to here about what you been doing love you loads mate will see you tomorrow hope you all have a safe journey home love mum,dad,jade,kyle,robbie and masey moo

  2. HI Anissa hope your ok were all missin you the house just isn't the same without you. won't bore you all by going on, make sure you all have lots of FUN love n miss u loads heres a great big kiss from mum, dad, yousif, younis and henna X

  3. Hi LukeShame your boat trip was cancelled but we're sure you're having a great time. Jacob thinks you are out playing football ha. Euan has Joe Jack Ryan and George here today so you are probably lucky to be away, the are making such a noise – they have been banned from your room so dont woory.Can't wait to see you Friday, we have lots planned for the weekend.Miss and love you lots Mum Dad Euan Dan Jakey x x x

  4. Well hello there. How are you all doing? We have been reading all the fab comments. Can't believe Mrs Cummings has been talking to live all the way from sunny Rotherham, not!!Sorry you couldn't make the boat trip. All those sea sickness tablets could have been left at home Mrs Forshaw!! Looking forward to you all coming home. Hope you have all been getting plenty of sleep.Take careLove Mrs Kirby, Miss Day and Miss Cheetham x x x x x x

  5. Hi Steph,Hope your having a fab time – please don't fetch any more pets home, i've seen the photo with the limpit on! Sorry to hear about the boat trip being cancelled but i'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves anyway at the rock pools. Hope your legs are feeling better too x Will check the blog later on and we're misssing you loads, Ben keeps wandering around in your bedroom looking for you and your MESS!!!! Love you loads, from all of us at home! x x x

  6. Hi Bethany, hope u ok and having a lovely time – been looking at blog but not seen you on any photos yet – looks like you're all having a fantastic time though, all missing you at home Beth – house really quiet ! Hope you enjoy rest of hols, see you soon, luv mum and everyone at home xxx

  7. Hi David hope ur having a great time rock pooling and r not getting too wet, the fish are still happily swimming in the tank, so I must be doing something right, will blog later when weve seen what youve all been upto,lol Mum & Elizabeth

  8. hi daniel, hope you ok elec bill gone down since you not here on ds or computer, heather missed you but she probably wont admit it, moms internet down probably all week she sends her best incase she cant leave a message.see you friday love dad

  9. Good afternoon everyone. Hope you've all had a good night and started the day off well. Shame about the boat trip but must admit im relieved. Enjoy the fishing and rock pooling today I hope you've remembered to put your wellies on lewis! Missing you loads will blog later love mum dad and liam xxxxx p.s at nan and grandads they said love you and have a good time. xxx

  10. Morning all, sounds like you're having a great time so far.. Sorry about the boat trip but sure you will all enjoy the fishing in the rockpools.. Callum don't get too wet will you?? Think Ruby is beginning to miss you now, she keeps looking for you upstairs!! Have fun all of you..xx

  11. Morning Harry!Hope everyone is ok & wrapped up warm for your trip to the beach! It's a shame about the boat trip as I know you were looking forward to it (I wasn't though!)Take care, we are all missing you & Isabel & Mary send you a big kiss xxx!! Lots of Love & HugsMum, Dad, Isabel & Mary

  12. Good morning Northumberland, hope you had a good nights sleep and you are enjoying breakfast.Luke save some for everyone else.Hope the weather is better for you today.Have a great day Luke. Love Mum Dad and Joe

  13. Hi GraceHope you're having a fab time. Grandma amd Grandad send their love. I've watched all the videos and it looks like you're all ahving fun.Enjoy the rock pools today. Missing you lotsLove Mum,wayne, Lewis and James xxxxx

  14. Good morning all,hope you've had a good night sleep.chelsea hope you have a good day,weather dull,windy and trying to rain hope you have weather than us. Nearly time take luke to school and dad as got plenty of birthday money to spend blog you later on love mum,lukexxx

  15. Good morning all,hope you've had a good night sleep.chelsea hope you have a good day,weather dull,windy and trying to rain hope you have weather than us. Nearly time take luke to school and dad as got plenty of birthday money to spend blog you later on love mum,lukexxx

  16. good morning all, hope youve had a good sleep, have a great dat, kyle whats a matter have you gone camera shy, love you, missing you, love mum, dad kirst, nanna and grandad, x

  17. Hi Saira!!!Glad you got there safely and having a luvly time! The house is much quieter without you! See you on Friday.From Saif

  18. tracy wilkinson said, hi sorry you wont get to do the boat trip, but fishing will be fun, enjoy it kyle make sure you catch a big one, big enough for all your teas, lol, love and miss you so much, nigh night sleep tight, dont let bed bugs bite, follow your blog 2moz, love you babe love mum dad and kirst, x x x

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