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  1. sorry the boat trip wont happen today, shame as katie had looked up on the computer information about the lighthouse and the history. sure you will still have a great day. missing you loads katie. i hope you have been catching my night time kisses katie.x x x x love mummy and daddy.

  2. Hello Ron, its carrie hope your having loads of fun mate. Hope your not cold up there kitty is getting about like lighting me and mum are having to search the house for them. Mum says she misses you and loves you. I no you didnt want me to say love you but i am . LOTS OF LOVE MUM, DAD, CONNOR, LIAM AND ME HAVE FUN MATE XXXXXXXXXALL OUR HUGS AND KISSES PS: YOUR MISSING EASTENDERS HAHAHAHAHHA XXXXXXX 🙂

  3. Hi HarryHope you had a lovely day today. The computer is down at the moment so we can't watch the video yet but I'll watch it at work tomorrow (ssshhh!)Hope you are having lots of fun & enjoying yourself.We are all missing you lots & I'll blog you later with the match result, it's 1-1 now but we both know that can change!!Take careLots of Love Mum, Dad, Isabel & MaryLots of Love

  4. Hi to everyone glad you`ve had a good time at holy island.Chelsea.s. just seen you watching the vedio conference with everyone and Mrs Fearnley see you can sit and listen when you want to.Hope you haven`t sent all your money in the sweet shop.Love mumxxxx

  5. hi tilly looks great at beamish ,hpoe youve had a luvly day, believe it or not we are really missing you see you soon love mum dad and rosie xxxx

  6. Hia again livi, Nannan Susan and Grandad Fred have just rung up again to see how you are getting on, Nannan is going to try to get on the blog at work tomorrow so look out for an embarrasing message! Grandad Fred wants to know if you have had a shower yet? Both your nans and grandads send you a big kiss xxxx

  7. hi kyle missing you loads, hope youve had a great day, would really love to see you on pics not the back of your head, love you lots, love mum, dad kirsty, and a woof woof from pippin, x x and meooww, from tigger sooty and soxy, x

  8. Hia Livi, Just seen the Beamish video and know what to buy you for xmas now, those bouler's look fantastic, hours of fun !!!! Hope youve all enjoyed yourselves today. Missing you loads and your constant chattering! Have a great day tomorrow, lots of love Mum, Dad and a big kiss from Issi xxx

  9. Hello Vicky,Hope you enjoyed your day at Holy Island, glad you were back by 1800hours or else you would have been stranded! We are all missing you, including Bess and Nell. Enjoy your day tomorrow. Love from Mum, Dad and Laura P.S. 3 more days of peace and quiet left!

  10. Hi all, glad you've had a great day, hope the weather stayed fine for you.. Callum I'm missing the chatter and the sound of your basketball!! Love you.. Mum xx

  11. Hi Charlotte hope you enjoyed Holy Island and you are having a great time. We are missing you loads it is very quite – I watched Gadget Show with your dad last night. Nan Nan, Grandad and Mamma all say hello. Have a great evening and enjoy all the trips on Wednesday. Love you loads.Mum and Dad p.s been to the dentist today and they have sorted out my tooth xxxxxxx

  12. Hi steph, glad you had a good day, hope it's not too windy for you all. Missing you loads, Kayleigh is bored with out you, says she misses you big much! Love you loads, have a good night love mum, dad, bobs and Ben x x x

  13. Hi lewisGlad you've all had a good day. Liked the Beamish video, competitive as always Lewis!!!! Missing you heaps and Liam still can't get his head around why you're not here.Love you tons Mum Dad n Liam xxxxxxx

  14. Hi all,Glad you've had a great day on Holy Island.I've just watched the Beamish video and hope you learned a lot about life in the olden days, and I bet it was nice for your teachers to remember how life was like when they were younger!!!!Have a great evening, and thinking about you Sam.Lots of loveDad xxxx

  15. Hi everyone,glad youve had a fantastic time on Holy island, hope you didnt get blown over David as its really windy here,Elizabeth sends you her love,we are both missing you. Im missing your cups of tea!!!! love mum & Elizabeth

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