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  1. Hello everyone I hope youve all had a fantastic last full day, David thanks for the postcard recieved it this morning, glad to see your enjoying it Did you manage to fly a kite, I noticed you taking a photo of the castle ,I bet youve got no memory left in the camera!!!! missing you lots,can't wait to see you mum & Elizabeth. xxxx

  2. Hi everyone,Being a massive Big Brother fan…..I loved this video.Did anyone find old "crab eyes" John James in the bottom of a rockpool?It's eviction day tomorrow when you'll all be coming home…..looking forward to seeing you Sam….and please do not swear, you are live on google blogger!!!!Love youDadx

  3. Hi Callum, just watched your big brother video, looks like you're having great time.. Hope you've had a good day, looking forward to you coming home though now, the house is just toooooo quiet without you.. See you soon xxx

  4. Hello Vicky, We enjoyed watching you on the big brother video. Looking forward to seeing you in person tomorrow. Enjoy your last day – it looks like you have had a fantastic time! We'd like to thank all the teachers and helpers who have worked hard to make the trip a success. They deserving having to put up with you for a week Vicky! Love from Mum, Dad and Laura Xxx

  5. hi josh france , hope your havin great time been looking at all the pictures and videos looks greatwe all missing you lots too quiet here without you making us laugh love u millions from mum dad and danni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s dont forget footy training haha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hi,Tara Mum here hope you've enjoyed your last full day.Not be long before your back home tomorrow.Grandma sends you her love.Hope you've managed to take some photos while you've been out and about.Love you lots see you tomorrow Mum,Dad,Ethan and Alesha xx

  7. Hi Tara Connor here, Acording to Alesha Grandma has got a dolphin at her house. But its actually a goldfish.p.s hope ur having a good time, see you soon.

  8. Alright Steph,Hope you are having a fantastic time I can't wait to hear about you're week. See you on Saturday Chick. Vic, Tank,Ali,Tee & Em's xxxx

  9. Hello Callum, looks like you all had a busy day yesterday, looking forward to seeing some good photo's when you get back.. Only one more sleep and you'll be on your way home, can't wait to see you… Have a good day love Mum x

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