My diary post on Wednesday 15th September by Esme

Hi again diary,
Today has been the best day so far (well I think). First of all we set off to Seahouses on the coach , when we arrived we took out our money and hurried of to the gift shop. Although we all were so eager to go in we had to wait our turn since there are so many of us. Once we’d all finished shopping, we walked on to   the lifeboat station. ‘Grace Darling’ was the name of the life boat and some lifeboat it was! Amazing I thought as I gazed up at the information boards. They had saved so many peoples lives and some so recently. After that we set of back to the coach to get geared up for rock pooling. With our wellies on and our lunch on our backs we stomped off to find somewhere to sit down and eat. We all walked along the harbour wall after lunch then sat down and thought about poetic and interesting words or phrases we could use in our poems when we get back to school. Once we’d all discussed our words we walked down to the rocky beach to go rock pooling. As soon as we were allowed to go we scurried away to find some sea creatures. We found Edible crabs, Hermit crabs, Star fish, Shanny fish and lots more interesting things. Then afterwards we had a meeting and talked about what creatures we had all found. We were all so tired when we got back after such a busy day but we found the energy to go down to the field on the outside of Bamburgh castle and play some games for an hour or so. But I’m sure that everyone enjoyed sitting down to a lovely big portion of toad in the hole.
goodbye for today

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