Rachel’s Diary Entry Wednesday

Wednesday, September, 15th, 2010
Evening Diary,
In the morning we went to Seahouses and a shop that sold everything (well not quite everything.) Inside  I only spent £1.40. I bought a postcard and a magnet while my best friend Moisha spent only 30p on two postcards. After waiting for everyone to finish we went to the RNLI station and saw their beautiful boat named with a great name: Grace Darling. Lining the walls were boards saying all about the RNLI, there boats and there rescues. Reading one of the signs I wondered how if the boats were launched 8,000 times a year how come only 6,000 people got rescued? When we left we walked along the harbour and looked at the huge lime kilm. After that we went and had our diners then finally got to go rock pooling! Lots of creatures were found including a lug worm, shore crabs, Hermit crabs and butter fish. Eventually we had to go we got on the coach and drove back to the hotel, only to come out about 15 minuets later. That was when we had a small walk to field next to Bamburgh. It was great there were four activities going on: rounders, football, tennis (I think) and kite flying. Watching Mr Williams unable to get the kite to fly was funny, thats what I did. Eventually however we got it in the air and it stayed there. After an hour we walked back and had tea. It was delicious… again! Pudding was really nice too. Once again we talked to Mrs Cummings it was great to see her even if it was on the computer.
Bye till tomorrow

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  1. Nice to read your blog Rachel. Could you ask Moisha if she's any spending money left to buy her Auntie Tina a bookmark or a pen. Sounds like you're all enjoying yourselves.Love Tina and Baby G. x X x

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