12 responses to “Down at the beach for the sandcastle compitition

  1. Hi,Tara looks like you've had a really good last day,and glad to see a picture of you from the front instead of the back. Thanks to the teachers for keeping us up to date with the blog and for all the hard work in looking after everyone.Miss ya loads see you 2mrrw lots of love xx Mum,Dad,Connor,Ethan and Alesha.Ps Grandma is missing you and sends her love xx

  2. Hi LewisDad says he loves you, and oh by the way he`s takin you to the match on saturday!! Sleep well tonight, enjoy tomorrow, and have a safe journey home all of you. Thanks to everyone children and staff for making this trip so enjoyable for all of us, you`ve made me, at least, feel like i was on the journey with you all. Thanks again. Love you lewis can`t wait to see you tomorrow mum dad and liam xxxxxxxxxxx p.s hope you`ve remembered to put the BIG CRAB back in the rock pool and not in your suitcase! eek! xx

  3. helloooooo nissa u look like ur havin a lot of fun, not missin us a home as much as we miss u i bet.i cant believe u doing ok without me looks like im out of a job lol well cant wait 2 c u 2mra enjoy the last nyt love u loads love mum dad, yousif, younis and henna xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Catherine we have seen you at last!!-forgot, keep brushing your teeth. We dont want to go back to normal tv schedule(Edward)GOODNIGHT :)lots of love Mum,Dad,Edward,Harvey+Katiexxxxxx

  5. hiya kylehope you enjoyed the sandcastle competition, good to see you actually looking at camera, where was your jumper and why wasnt your coat zipped up, cant wait while 2moz, thank you to all teachers for looking after kyle hope hes been good, see you all 2moz, love tracy, x

  6. Hi Luke & CoSounds like you've had a brilliant time away, shame about the weather – maybe the next school trip should be to Spain???Can't wait to see you tomorrow – Don't forget it's Dads birthday.Lots love Mum Dad Euan Dan Jakey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPS and thanks to the staff for all you've done for the Kids

  7. hia livi, vicks, tilly and lewis, we are all really missing you all, so much so we have had to get together for a drink, not many bottles of wine have been drunk but we'd like to send a big thank you to all the teachers for looking after our children all week, we will have a drink for you all, cheers! lots of love your mums xxxx

  8. Hi Beth Glynn Still not seen you on any photo's – hope you have dried off I can't wait to see you emjoy the rest of hols C U tomos. Lots of Love Mum

  9. Hi chelsea hope you enjoyed the sandcastle competition?looks like your freezing where's your thick coat.yesterday was it bums up and not thumbs up what was you looking for on the beach.Had you all taken Mr williams thing of him what he had caught because he didn't look happy.we would like to thank all the teachers what have looked after chelsea and made it agood week for her.chelsea miss love you loads and hope you all have a safe journey home love mum,dad lukexxxx

  10. hi saira.u look freezing.enjoy your last night.hav plenty of rest.i am goin to the old moor with safia tomorrow.hope everyone is in gud health and hav enjoyed their holiday.gudnight.xxxxx

  11. Hi Katie, it's looks cold down on the beach. Did you and your team win the sandcastle competition? Nice to see you on some of the photos, at last.Looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow. Your mum and I miss you loads. All our love, mum & dad xxxxxx

  12. hiya mikey did you win the sandcastle competition? looks freezing, hope you been wrapped up warm and you enjoyed it im sure you will have,cant wait to see your pictures on camera if you took any!! will see you tomorow mikey hope you all have a safe journey home love mum,dad,jade,kyle,robbie and masey moo xxxxxxxxxxxx

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