3 responses to “Everyone on the beach!

  1. Hi GraceWhat a lovely photo of you all, it's good to see you having such fun. We received your postcard, it's lovely thankyou. Well it's your last day, hope you're looking forward to coming home, I can't wait to see you. Love you loadsMum, Wayne, Lewis and James xxxxx

  2. You would not believe Mr William's latest idea – "Mrs Fearnley do you think we could tie a Flip Cam to our kite?" – when do I say no? "Well, only on the condition that you chase it and retrieve if the string breaks". So we improvised with a plastic bag and away it flew! A totally new angle, the children arranged themselves in the letters HJS on the beach and hopefully we captured it from above – Mr Williams is editing the film as we speak, so watch this space. Aren't I lucky to have such fantastic staff? Thanks for all your thanks.Mrs Fearnley

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