Our Day In Bamburgh by Luke N

Bamburgh Castle  

Guess what we did today? Well it all started when we jumped onto the coach and headed to Bamburgh Castle. I was wondering what Bamburgh Castle looked like inside, I didn’t know but I couldn’t wait to find out. Arriving at the castle I could smell the salty air blowing from the sea. Walking inside I could see some amazing things such as a spear and shield, a replica of the castle itself and some other great things as well. After the lady told us about the things in the room, such as the fireplace and suits of armour, we split up into groups and looked around the castle.  Looking around the rooms, we finally reached the armour and weapon room.  Inside the room there were guns, crossbows, spears, helmets and lots more armour and weaponry. So far that room is my favourite one. After looking round the gift shop we went into the dungeons. We saw what would really happen to people if there were  people in the dungeons, it was dark, damp and very scary, we felt sorry for the prisoners who were tortured in those days. After that we walked back to the hotel for dinner.  

Bamburgh Beach
After dinner we walked to the beach for our sand castle competition. We split up into teams and then got to work, our task was to build our castle with some of the features we had seen at Bamburgh and Lindisfarne, so we included a wall around the keep, we added a moat, arrow slits and battlements.
It was a great day – I enjoyed making the moat because we filled with water and it worked!

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  1. Wow what a fantastic poem Mr Taylor and thank you to all the parents who followed our journey. I had an amazing time and I hope the children did too. Thank you for all your support and wonderful comments. Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday Mrs Greenwood

  2. Luke's Dad what a fantastic poem and all so true I cried when Charlotte got on the bus and came back, the blog was a life line and I am sure that I was not the only parent constantly checking it – Mum and Dad have had our cuddles and it has cost us a trip to Pizza Hut with Thresea David and Elizabeth Miall. Charlotte said she had a fantastic time and we would all like to thank all the teachers for all their hard work – when I speak to parents of other schools their children do not get anywhere near what our children get. A big thank you again. Allison, Darren and Charlotte Potts

  3. What a fabulous poem Mr Taylor -it brought tears to my eyes! Yes once again a wonderful Y6 residential. Massive thank yous to Mrs Lindsay (hope your voice comes back soon), Mrs Greenwood, Mrs Forshaw, Mr Griffiths and Mr Williams – who all worked so hard to make the visit so successful. Also to Mrs Cummings who was virtually with us through video conference – Get Well Soon. The hotel said the children were lovely, polite and a joy to have. Right now we're all off for a rest… See you Monday x

  4. Hi HarryHave a lovely last day & I hope you've packed everything in your case!Can't wait to see you & don't forget you've got training tonight!A big thank you to all the teachers and staff for looking after you so well & making your trip so enjoyable, they will need another holiday to recover! Take CareLots of love Mumxxx

  5. Off to NorthumberlandYou all wentAhh piece and quietHeaven sentNOT REALLYParents stuggledTo keep a dry eyeAs you all sat on the coachAnd waved goodbyeBut following your blogHas made us feel better A bit like a phone callOr receiving a letterOn your photos we could seeWind swept facesBy the seaAnd allthough the rainDid pitta pataIt did`nt appearTo really matterBecause your smiles told usYou were having funBut next time Mrs FearnlyCould you order a little more sunCastles and islandsYou did exploreYou went fishing in rock poolsOn the sea shoreAnd Beamish that looked really goodBut you`ve all been to sleepMuch later than you shouldSo now you`re coming homeFeeling all tierd and sleepyAnd Mums are waitingFeeling a bit weepyWhen you arriveAnd with Mum`s you get into a huddlePlease don`t forget even Dads like a cuddle.A BIG thankyou to all the staff for keeping our children safe and giving them a fantastic experiencehave a safe journey can`t wait to see you Luke.Love mum dad and joeWind swept faces

  6. morning everyone, have a safe journey home, Kyle your travel tabs in your wallet, dont forget yo take it, enjoy your brekky, see you all later, love you love mum, x

  7. Good morning Tara,just hope you manage to pack your bag back up and try not to leave anything behind and remember to have a travel sick tablet. Hope everyone enjoys there last breakfast while away on a mini break.See you all later,have a safe journey home everyone.Love Adele xx

  8. Hi everyone,Great to here you have had a fantastic time and we finally found you on a photo Ben so they obviously popped back to Beamish to collect you.Have a safe journey home.xx

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