We got wet!

Bamburgh Castle was amazing and we heard lots of ghosts stories, Mrs Cummings set us tasks to do and one was to find out about the Pink Lady. She haunts the castle after leaping to her death because her father had sent away her true-love to fight in the Crusades.
After Bamburgh Castle we came back to our hotel for lunch – this was because it was so cold and windy. We painted watercolour landscapes and drew pictures of our favourite sea creatures. Later we went out to the beach to hold our sandcastle competition. Katie’s team won! Just as Mrs Greenwood was judging the sandcastles, the heavens opened and the rain came! We got absolutely drenched! Turning our backs to the rain, all we could so was stand there until it stopped, looking out to sea was the best bit about the storm. It was silver and shimmering with crashing waves which looked like galloping white horses. Grey clouds scudded across the sky, soon the clouds parted and the sun came out, leaving us soaked and freezing. We hurried back to the hotel and jumped into wonderful warm showers with relief, now we are to have our last lovely meal in Northumberland. See you all tomorrow. From all the children and teachers XXXXX

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  1. Hey up Luke hope you are not still asleep in that lifeboat station. If you are looks like you have missed another great day, but at least you will have kept dry.Cant wait to see you tomorrow,have fun and a safe journey home.Love you to bits Mum Dad and Joe xxxx

  2. Hi Catherine,hope you all had a good day despite the rain,it looks almost like Tenby!!.Edward says hi,and is almost looking forward to seeing you just as much as we are.LOTS OF LOVE AS ALWAYS Mum,Dad,Edward,Harvey+Katiexxxxx

  3. Hi Lewis sounds like you`ve had an eventful yet fab day. Hope you remembered to dry everywhere!!!! Can't wait to see you and hear about this big adventure when you get home tomorrow. Can`t wait for a cuddle on the sofa either! Love you to the sun moon and stars Mum dad and Liam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi HarryHope you've had a lovely day even though it sounds as though you all got wet through! Can't wait to see you & hear about all your adventures especially the ghost stories.Enjoy your last night & don't leave it until the last minute to pack your case!We've all missed you & are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.Take care.Lots of Love Mum, Dad, Isabel & MaryxxxxPS did you get me a gobstopper?!!

  5. Hi Charlotte – even with the soaking sounds like you had a great time can't wait for you to tell us all the ghost stories. We are missing you soooooooooo much and cannot wait to here all about the great adventures when we see you tomos.Love you loads. Mum and Dad – Harry, Storm, Popcorn and Candy floss.

  6. oh no so sorry bout the rain, hope you all dont end up with a cold, at least you got a lovely hotel to go back to for all the home comforts, be lovely to see you all 2moz, enjoy your last night, is it party night 2 night? enjoy what ever you all doing, love and missing you loads mr KYLE WILKINSON, love mum, dad and kirsty, x

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