Is everyone ready?

We hope everyone is packed and ready to go!  Get an early night tonight because tomorrow will be a long day as we travel up north 178 miles.  The map above shows the route we will be taking.  We start at school and stop off at Beamish (B) before we arrive in Bamburgh (C).

Don’t forget your toothbrush!

26 responses to “Is everyone ready?

  1. Hi Evie,Did you make a sandcastle too ? They look great!The castle looked very interesting too! Looking forward to you telling us all about your adventures tomorrow! Everyone sends their love. xxx See you soon, love Mum xxx

  2. Hi Evie ive been missing u all week and realy upset.Yesterday Clive came round with Theodore. I wish u were here today.Mum and dad and me all miss u.We want u to have a great time.Have lots of funYours sincerely Tom

  3. Hello Evie me old sausage it's Clive here :DHow is everything going? me and Theo are just wondering if you enjoyed your boat ride and if you have had lots of fish and chips to eat yet? I really hope soTom is holding Theo right now and then he is playing on that penguin game again!!!! hahahaWe all love you very much and remember to have lots of fun xxxxxxxLots of Love from Clive, Charlotte, Theo, Tom, Mummy and Daddy (and Megatron and Jess too)

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