7 responses to “Fashion is out of the window. Safety first.

  1. Nice hat Cj (Carl) mate,suits you that lol.Hope you enjoyed your boat trip today.We all missing you and love you loads.I will keep looking on here to see what other stuff your going to be doing xxxxxxxxxP.s Tia says hello xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Abi and Gang..Well what a beautiful day it looks like you have had. I am really pleased that you all looked well but the water did look a bit rough, some of your faces are a real picture. Joe is really enjoying his 19th birthday but sends you a big hug for his dressing gown, very impressed. Have a wonderful evening meal and hope to see more pictures later..Love and Kisses Mum, Dad, Joe and Roloxxxxxx

  3. Hi Ashley,your indestructible gel is working. Hope you remembered your tablet before sail. Looks like you are enjoying yourself. Love you lots from mum,Marcus,Lucy, Nannan, Justin and Humphrey.XXXXXXHope you all have a wonderful boat trip. Enjoy your Tea. Lets hope you all have sea legs!!Something to make you laugh:-When does a boat show affection? When it hugs the shore. Why are rivers always rich? Because they have two banks

  4. hi dan, looks like your having lots of fun, hope your enjoying your self and behaving, missing you lots, lewis says hi and by the way night of champions is really good, just thought i would let you and ellis know hehehe. Love you lots from mum, lewis and jeannine xx

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