10 responses to “On our way back to shore

  1. Hello El (France). Hope you're having a great time, it looks ace. Did you enjoy the boat trip, not sea sick I hope!! Enjoy yourself, love Mum and Dad xx

  2. Nice picture, Matt! You look like you're having a good time, but hanging on tight! Still wearing Adidas I see! The boat trip looks fantastic! Thanks for the picture, Mr. Williams!Dad x

  3. hi sis (katie) have a wonderful time…..it's so quiet here when you're not picking on me . All our pets are fine….the cat is missing your suitcase (lol) and you…love Christopher xxx

  4. Ashley,where's your hat? Don't get earache. Hope you're having a great time,you will definitely be. Looks fantastic,wish I was there. Hope the weather keeps fine.Love you and miss you tons, love from mum,Marcus,Lucy Justin and Humphrey.

  5. Bradley hope your taking everything in and i hope your having a great time i know you will be, boat trip looks fantastic and looks like a great day to,hope the weather keeps good for you all miss you loads love ya mum dad cj nan and grandad.

  6. Hi Lauren , loving the new wind swept look, it really suits you or did you just forget to brush your hair this morning? I hope you are finding it really interesting. We can't wait to hear all about it. Love Dad x

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