Our Rock pooling Adventure

On Tuesday the 20th of September we went rock pooling. When we got there we changed into our wellies, bright luminous orange cagoules and waterproof trousers and last of all orange traffic coloured caps. What do you think of our new Herringthorpe uniform? Everybody who saw us said we looked awesome!
We found many different creatures; for example, Nikita Dalton found a crab carapace, it was huge! We also came across an unusually large crab unfortunately it was dead, so we put it back in its natural habitat together with its detached, broken pincer.
Other creatures we discovered were; a beautiful and graceful starfish, a shy but extremely fast hermit crab and a blood-red sea anemone, whose tentacles expanded in the water.
Although we also found lots of tiny transparent fish, unfortunately we were unable to identify them, but we did think they were Butterfish. The crabs were scuttling on the sand while we tried to catch them, some of us were successful  and caught one it was very much fun, very much fun indeed. . .
Written by Charlotte and Ellis B

4 responses to “Our Rock pooling Adventure

  1. Sounds like your all having so much fun, enjoy the rest of your week hope the weather stays nice for you. Love you lots Elliott luv mum Beth soph Charlie n dappy n princess 🙂

  2. i totally agree with gemma..its a lovely piece of work charlotte and ellis!!! well done. we are all fine here..archie has been staying up late! we all miss you and hope you are having a fab time!! love you lots and lots ellis!! love mum, dad and archie xxxxx

  3. Sounds like your having a great time. Your rock pooling appears to be alittle more successful than when we went to Scarborough Charlotte! I have to say the piece you and Ellis have written is great, well done girls!

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