7 responses to “Can you spot Mr Williams?

  1. Hi Lauren well you look fab in your orange outfit lol hahaha holy island looked lovley wish i was there Ryan is missing you he gets boared not having anyone to torment been to look at your new dance school tonight looks very good miss you lots can not wait to hug you friday love ya Mum Rich Ryan and animals xxx

  2. Hi Abi, although I cannot make out who you are in the great looking orange gear it looks like you are all having so much fun. Very windy here but in the the video it looks like it could have blown some of you away. Have a lovely night and a great day tomorrow, thanks to all involved for providing such a wonderful life experience, Abi will remember this for life. xxx

  3. Now then Matthew Pease, walking? What's that all about? Wasn't you that lost a hat was it?Seriously, we hope you've enjoyed it matey, I bet you sleep tonight.We're all missing you like crazy.Luv Dad, Mum and Soph x

  4. Heyup El(F) You've had a r8 trek 2day have'nt you mate?x Hope you enjoyed it,it looked lovely though.Can't wait for you to come home and tell us all about it.x luv u loads, Mum n Dad xxxx

  5. hi jade looks like you've had a great day hope you took plenty of photos. i bet your legs are aching after all that walking. hope to see you on some more of the pictures lots of hugs and kisses mum and dad

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