Holy Island by Matthew & Harry

What an exciting day! We got up for our day in Holy Island. We had a slow start because we had to wait for the tide to clear the causeway. When we arrived the car park was full, but luckily there were some coach spaces.

We visited St. Mary’s church, the Vicar told us a bit about the history of the church, St. Cuthbert was the sixth bishop of Lindisfarne. When the Vikings invaded they burnt down the monastery and stole all the treasures. The Monks protected St. Cuthberts remains along with the famous Lindisfarne gospels by carrying them to safety in Durham.

After a while we went onto the beach and looked for tiny St. Cuthberts beads, which looked like tiny fossilised cylinders. Next we went for a long walk around Holy Islands which included walking across wet sandy dunes. At the end of our long trip, we ended up at Lindisfarne Castle and saw the Lime kilns.We had a look inside the lime kilns  and the thing everyone was most impressed with was the view out to the beach. By the time we got out of the lime kilns, there was no time for a tour of the castle so we got on the coach and headed back to the hotel, hopefully for a good nights sleep!

By Matthew Pease & Harry Kelly

A statue of St. Aiden in St. Mary’s church graveyard.

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  1. Morning everyone. Hope you are all ready for another great day. Love the right up Harry and Matt. Great work. Hope the sun shines and have loads of fun. Thinking about you, Rob. Hope your cold has gone now. love Mum

  2. Ellis B – sounds like lindisfarne is my kind of place as i love the history!! hope your staying safe and having a ball!!! denise has sent you some birthday cake to look forward to on friday!! see you soon darling xxxxxx

  3. pretty impressive work lads,how's the washing-up going…….you were all missed at training tonight ,got a little wet-RAIN.OK mon amigos.Keep up the good studies.Harry,does boarding school suityou?

  4. Fantastic write up guys! It sounds so interesting and fun. This is a learning experience you'll never forget! Tiny fossilised cylinders reminds me of Mum's cooking!Enjoy!Dad x

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