Sandcastle Building

We have been busy with our sandcastle building this afternoon.  Hard work and teamwork have been important as we have tried to incorporate some features of a castle in our designs.  Which team do you think won?  Vote at the bottom of the page.

 Team 1

 Team 2

 Team 3

 Team 4

 Team 5

Team 6

14 responses to “Sandcastle Building

  1. Hu guys,looks like you have had an excellent time, well done your sandcastles look great. Team 1 should be the winners though,it totally outshines the rest,but all teams efforts are fantastic,you are all talented.Missing you like crazy now Ashley,can't wait to see you later,lots of hugs and kisses Mum,Marcus,Lucy,nannan, Justin and Humphrey XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx

  2. Definitely Team 1,they will make chartered engineers any day. Well structured,excellent layout, very well planned. I'll bet Ashley drew up the plans for construction!!!!If Team 1 do not win,i'll be damned. It resembles holy island,very well done,thought out and engineered. EXCELLENT

  3. You all look like your having a good time , can't wait to see u tomorrow Aalia , Raheem keeps saying when's Aalia coming Hme lol he lovs is big Sis , see you soon xxxxxx

  4. Hi Guys, its been fabulous watching your week and how wonderful for your Mummys and Daddys to be able to follow you and see what you have been up to. It made me cry reading the lovely messages, I bet they have missed you all so much.You all look really cool in the jackets that we made for you, I hope they have kept you warm and dry. Your Teachers must be tired out, say a big thank you to them. Enjoy your last night, Love Zoe Fearnley (Mrs Fearnleys Daughter)

  5. Team 5 a deffo winner without a doubt.Well hope you all enjoyed yourselves looks freezing lol enjoy your last night can not wait to see you tomoz Lauren and catch up on the bits the blog did not catch ONE MORE SLEEP. love you loads xxxx Mum Rich Ryan and Bella xx

  6. HELLO ELLA! Looks like you have had a good day! We can't wait to hear all about your trip, enjoy your evening! See you tomorrow…love Mum xxx

  7. Team two of course. LoL. They all look really good. x Sorry Rob but Brinsworth missed you and Elliott tonight and went out of the cup. Lost 5-4. Was a tough game and very close. Think Jack should have scored loads but it just did nt happen. Never mind, still top of the league though. Enjoy your last night and safe journey home tomorrow. Cant wait to see you and hear all about the trip. Love Mum xxx

  8. WOWwhat a fantastic time you have all had this week,its been brilliant looking at the blog and followingwhat you have all been doing.Enjoy your last night Mr TruemanChair of Governors

  9. well obviously it was team 3!!! lol hope your enjoying your penultimate day ellis b!!!! archie cant wait to see you tomorrow… a fun evening planned for you when you're settled back at home tomorrow night!!! bet your looking forward to sleeping in your own bed after a full week away! love you lots ell and cant wait to see you!

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