5 responses to “Tour of Bamburgh Castle

  1. Great photo lads.I can see you're really attached to those orange jackets or are they purple harry?Look forward to seeing you tomorrow ready for training HA HA! lots of love mum ' dad and samxxx

  2. Bamburgh Castle looks awsome!!Hope you are all enjoying the experience. Ashley, I love you and miss you loads,can't wait to see you on Friday. Hope you have been a good lad. Only one more sleepover then back to your comfy bed.Only trouble Marcus will keep you up. See you soon,lots of love mum,Marcus,Lucy,Nannan, Justin and Humphrey.

  3. Heyup El looks lovely where you are today,and the suns shining,hooray!!!Hope you have a great day and find out loads of interesting stuff!x Only one more sleep n your home,can't wait!!Loads o love,Mum n Dad xxx

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