6 responses to “The last breakfast

  1. TGI Friday and you're coming home today El Francey!! Missed you like mad!!Hope you've had a brill time n can't wait to hear about it all.Safe journey to you all and don't forget to take your tablet!! Love you loads mate,Mum n Dad xxx

  2. Hi ellis b!!! well its your last day!! i really do hope that you have loved every minute of it!! cant wait to see you and really looking forward to hearing your stories..tomorrow! for tonight lets just chill!! archie has been missing you so much he is more excited to see you than anyone i think!! safe journey home to all of you and we'll see you this afternoon..love you loads and loads ell bell xxxx

  3. Hope you all have a hearty breakfast and a safe journey homeCan't wait to see you later Ashley and hear all about your trip, I bet you have had a fantastic time. love mum,Marcus,Lucy,nannan and hamsters XXXXXX

  4. Hi Lauren, we can't wait to see you tonight and hear all about your trip. Have a safe journey home love you loads Dad, Claire, Ryan & Jamie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. have a safe journey home everyone…..we'll see you soon Katie !! love mum & dad, Christopher and the zoo !! (P.s the meerkat has arrived !! at least this one doesn't need fedding !)x

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