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So this is the final entry to the 2011 Northumberland Blog.  All the staff have thoroughly enjoyed sharing this learning experience with your children and we hope they have enjoyed their experiences with us too.  We think that a perfect end to a fantastic week would be to hear from the children that came with us and how, on reflection, it has helped them enter into this difficult and important year with us at Herringthorpe.

A huge thank you must go to all the parents who have been engaged in sharing this journey with us by following with enthusiasm our blog.  We hope you, the parents,  have had a week to remember like I know our staff and children have.

Thank you

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  1. I know it has been along time since we have been to Northumberland but I can still remember every part of it .I have really enjoyed this trip .. It has been one of my best trips so far..I would like to thank all the teachers that came with us they made it really fun and enjoyable 🙂 xxxx From AaliaP.S. I am really sorry if I have caused any trouble LOL

  2. hi thanks to all the staff for making the week so enjoyable for all the children .it was great to see them all having fun during their activities thanks again anita and barry harris j

  3. hi its jade i had i geat time in northumberland although i was full of cold. my favorite part was the castle and the wild life, also the museum. the trams i was very tierd all weekend but loved it all thank you.

  4. Hi it's MeganI had a fantastic time in northumberland and I want to go back. The best bit was building the sandcastles because I got to work with my friends. I would like to thank the teachers that went with us, they made it really enjoyable.THANKYOU!

  5. i would like to say a big thank you to all the staff that made this brill trip possable for the week it was fantastic it will be reamemberd for evernikkita daltonthank you so much to the staff who made this trip so much fun and for keeping our children safe thank you nikkita had a wonderful time julie dalton

  6. Hello, this is Ella, i have had a fantastic week! My favourite activity was being on the boat to go over to the Farne Islands, it was exciting. I would like to visit again with my family and show them everything i saw. Thanks to all my teachers! x Ellas' Mum, Dad and family says… enormous thankyou to all the teachers and staff for providing a memorable and enjoyable week!

  7. A big THANKYOU to all staff for looking after our kids and taking good care of them. Harry had a great time and enjoyed Banburgh castle and rock pooling the best.He's enjoyed a relaxing weekend and a well deserved lie in.

  8. Thanks to all the staff for taking such good care of our children.El had a brilliant time and really enjoyed the boat trip and rockpooling.He has had lots of things to tell us about the trip.I have enjoyed following all the adventures on the blog,and it has been a godsend for a stress head like me!!to see that he was ok. Many Thanks.

  9. What a fantastic week in Northumberland!!! Thanks to all the teachers that gave up their time to look after us.Rockpooling and the boat trip were my favourites.The food was brill and I was soooo tired when I got home.THANKS!!! Ellis.F

  10. Hi its Charlotte, I had a wonderful time! The best part was when we went to make the sandcastles on the beach. I think our group learnt to work as a team really well, even the boys!I loved shareing a room with Ellis we had a lot of laughs! Here are a few examples: the time when the shower door fell of on Ellis, Our sliding wardrobe door got stuck and we couldn't get our waterproofs out. And when the toilet roll holder fell off, but we managed to fix it! I think our room was falling to peices!!!I would like to thank all of the staff for making it possible. And I would like to thank the hotel staff for making it a loveley stay.Charlotte xx

  11. Greetings from the top blogger of the week! er…or something!Matt has thoroughly enjoyed his trip and that's thanks to all the other children and staff who accompanied him. A massive, massive thank you to all who gave up their time (us teachers don't get much time as it is) to make this residential a success and an amazing experience for the children (and hopefully the staff too). The blog has been a great way of experiencing the residential with the children and I've certainly enjoyed it, as you may be able to tell!The house is now far noisier and Matt hasn't shut up about the trip since he got back. I expected him to be tired, but he's running on Duracell or something because he's still up and running.Massive thanks again, to all the children and staff involved. You're a credit to the school!Matt's Dad, signing off, at last!

  12. Hi everyone, its Matti here. First of all I would like to thank all my teachers for taking us on this fabulous trip. My favourite part of the week was probabably Seahouses because, despite the bad weather we all enjoyed rockpooling. I would also like to mention what a fun time I had with my roommates Daniel and Ashley for being Bean heads. This has been the best trip ever!Matt P

  13. Wish i could have cept the coats if i tried to sneekk out in a power cut my mum would easely be able to see me lol any way thank you all of the staff for the trip it was fan dabby tastic dont know if that is a word but so what thank you staff from daniel blades again thanks

  14. northumberland has been my best ever trip that i have had thanks matty and ash we dont realy talk a lot but matty you pebble head and ash you bean head lol from daniel blades

  15. Ellis says shes had a brilliant time on the residential. she always enjoys the experience of being away from home and i think it does them all the world of good to have this experience and opportunity to do helps them become more independent. apart from the shower door falling on her(it could only happen to our ellis!!) i dont think shes had any negative comments. her and charlotte had great nights sleep by the sounds of it and the food was lovely apparently!!thanks to all the staff for looking after them and thanks for the blog to let us know what was happening everyday!

  16. Different to be back home. My favourite part was at bambrough castle and going on the boat. mrs.lindsey said that on the boat she likes it more of a roller coaster ride. Shareing a room with my friend charlotte kerr was brilliant we had such a laugh. The meals were fantastic my favorite one was spagetti bolagnase with french bread wich was garlic bread yumm!!!

  17. hi everyone thanks a lot it was a great experience and will be remembered forever i liked rock pooling best because it was really fun getting to see different creatures like shore crab, enemonie ect. plus people kept falling in the rock pools thanks again Faithxxxx

  18. Hi Everyone! I think Northumberland was a brilliant residential because its a experience we all will have for the rest of our lives. My favourite part was looking at Bamburgh Castle because I like learning about History, A LOT!

  19. Many thanks to all staff for giving the children such a great time and taking good care of them. The Blog has been brilliant for seeing the day to day activities and as for the orange jackets …. fantastic. A great trip and now a well deserved weekend rest. Thanks again, Robs Mum. x

  20. hi its robert. Thankyou to all the teachers for making this trip so brilliant. I have had a great time and learnt so much. Also thanks to hazzy(lol) and el for sharing a room with me. A wonderful week that I wont forget. Night all… bxjshfrlif lol

  21. It has been great to hear Lauren talk about her experiances on her school trip with such enthusiasm. I am sure this has been something that Lauren will remember for a long time to come. A big thank you to all the teachers for looking after her and bring her home safely.

  22. Hi it is Lauren G, I think our school trip was a brilliant experience for me to have. I would like to thank all my teachers for making the week so special and interesting.I would also like to thank Aalia, Chantelle and Phoebe for sharing a room with me, we had a great time !!! Orange is definitely not my colour anymore. lol 🙂

  23. I know daniel has really enjoyed him self and said its something he will never forget. thakyou to all the staff for doing this residential for our children and doing a super job keeping our chilldren safe and well, from Natalie Blades (daniel blades mum)

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