Hello Mrs Kirby here, having the most wonderful time. The children thoroughly enjoyed their orienteering and successfully walked for miles!! Now settled into their rooms, having had fun trying to put on duvet covers and pillow cases! Hope you have had a lovely sunny day like us, it certainly made a difference.

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  1. glad you enjoyed your trip it looked beutiful where you stayed you looked as though you had loads of fun i missed you loads glad to see you home xxx

  2. Hi everyone ,,its kamis mum ,,looks beautiful were you are hope you are all having fun looks like you are from the pics,,love you kami loads and loads,,lyra is missing you and dont worry i am looking after your teddy hahahaha xxxxxx

  3. Hi Mum and Dad and Antalia. Missing you too. Love you lots. I will send some more pictures later today so you can see what i have been doing. Bye for now. Leonie.xxxx

  4. Hi Charlie warhurst mum looks like your having a great time. Hope you have as much fun today the photos are great. See you tomoro Charlie luv mum xx

  5. Hi everyone, it's oliver,s dad here, glad you arrived safely and enjoyed your orienteering, enjoy the rest of your stay and have lot's of fun,(love you olly)from dad,trudy and chloe. xx

  6. Hi everybody, its cierans dad here, glad you got there ok, hope you all have fun love you lots cee from dad kerryn and brandon cant wait to see you after school friday xxx

  7. Hi Everyone leonies mum,dad and little sister here, glad u all there safely and the weather has been fantastic the photo's are lovely but could'nt spot leonie on any of them:-(.I bet it was great fun with the making beds demonstration hahaha,missing you loads leonie(daddys pumpkin and dumplin) we can't wait until wednesday for you to come home.sending u lots of love and kisses and big hugsmummy , daddy , Antalia and monte-carlo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Hi EveryoneBrookes Mum and Dad here. The weather is wonderful you couldnt have picked a better few days, Its going to be nice all week. Glad you arrived safeley, Brooke you didnt wave goodbye :-(. The photos look great. Have a great day tomorrow, I.l be thinking about you. Love you Brooke. Lots of love from Mummy, Dad and Chaise oh and Abi, Dylan and Ginny. See you Wednesday xxxx

  9. Hiya everyone! I am so glad you have all arrived safely, what a beautiful sunny day too! I have thought about you all lots today while I've been working hard at school. I couldn't wait to see your blog and find out about all your activities that you have been doing! x

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