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  1. Hi MaryGrandma and Grandad are really missing you loads and hope you are having a brill time and i am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow love you so much MISSING YOU LOADSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD night walk and a really good sleep and not getting up so so earlyhi Mrs KIRBY looking forward to seeing you tomorrow love from your wonder full sis ISABEL:)

  2. Hi BrookeHope you had a good nights sleep last night, what time did you have to go to bed? LOL. Have a fantastic day today, the weather going to be lovly again.Missing you lots.Lots of love from Mummy, Daddy, Chaise, Dylan and Ginny…oh and Abi xxxx

  3. Hi mum I am having a fantastic time the breakfast was good!! I am missing you too, just off to do some more activities. Love Charlie.P.S. Hi Elliott x x x

  4. Hi mum and dad having a great time. Really looking forward to the activities today. The food is delicious and I tried something new, it was banana and toffee cake, with cream! Love from Elliott x x x .

  5. Hi mum and dad hope you are having some peace and quite just having Jack at home! Missing you heaps but having a great time. Love DJ x

  6. Hi mum and dad I've taken loads of pictures on my camera to show you. Is Penny missing me? By the way the floora are very shiny here! lots of love Charlotte xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Hi mummy and daddy.I really missed Isabel last night but managed to get to sleep with my friends! I am really looking forward to the activities and going for a walk at dusk with our torches. Lots of love Mary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Hi MaryHope you managed to get some sleep last night and didn't get up too early this morning!We hope you all have a lovely day today and weather is nice and sunny again.We are missing you lots but we know you are having a fab time and will have lots to tell us when you come home tomorrow.Lots of Love & KissesMummy,Daddy,Harry,Isabel,Grandma & Grandad.xxxxxxx

  9. Hi guys glad to see so many smiley faces must mean your enjoying yourselves. Miss you lots Charlie luv mum(Charlie warhurst mum) xx

  10. DUANNE&ADELE (ELLIOTT'S MUM AND DAD)Hello Elliott hope your having a good time,it's real quiet without you hope your ok see you soon son mum dad and brother kieren oh and the dog Toby 🙂

  11. Just to wish you Lovely Night Night Oliver, missing you so much but I know you'll be having a great time. It's very quiet here!!!! lol Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses Mumxx

  12. Hiya Oliver, you will have to show me your photo of Mrs Kirby, that your taking in this photo! I wonder if she has got a cheeky smiley face like all of you? :o) x

  13. Hello MaryIt looks as though you have had a wonderful day and done lots of exciting things! I hope all that walking has tired you out so you will be ready for bed nice and early!!Its very quiet without you, I didn't realise how much noise you made!Lots of LoveMummy xxx

  14. Hi Mary hope you are having a really good time.I am MISSING YOU LOADSSSSSSSSS!Hi Mrs Kirby!LOVE from ISABEL XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 1,000,000 KISSES

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