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  1. Hi Mum, Dad and Sam!I'm having a good time, we've been playing lots of games this afternoon. I'm missing you too, see you tomorrow! Love from Eve xxxxx

  2. Hi everyone! I'm missing you loads and I can't wait to see you tomorrow! I'm having a brilliant time and had a really good nights sleep! I didn't get up too early! Lots of love from Isabel xxxxxxxxxx

  3. good morning alfie, good morning everyone, hope you all slept well and had a good breakfast ready for todays activities.Looking forward to seeing all the photos and hearing what your getting upto alfie, enjoy your day love mum dad and holly xxx

  4. Hi everyonne I hope you are all alright. I'm having a good time, I just had bacon for breakfast! Lots of love from Nathan xxxxx

  5. Morning IsabelHope you had a good nights sleep and didn't get up too early! Have a great time today, Mary says you'll be doing lots of exciting activities. Missing you lots and we all can't wait to see you & hear about what you have been doing.Lots of Love Mummy, Daddy,Harry & Mary xxxxx & a big X from Grandma & Grandad!

  6. Hope you all had a good night ready for today's activities. Hope your having a fab time Harry missing you loads here. Lots of love Mum and Dad x

  7. Hiya Mrs Brewin We are all very excited about the prince coming I will update you at lunch and did Harvey sleep in is hapt because knowing him he will See ya all soon xxxx

  8. Good morning Wesley hope u have had a good nights sleep.it's very quiet and tidy at home,hope u are having a great time,can't wait to see photos today of your smiling face lots of love mum xxxx

  9. Hi Jacob's mum, I will make sure we catch Jacob on some of the pictures tomorrow! All of the children are in bed now and looking forwards to the activities tomorrow.Miss Brewin

  10. Hi Wesley's mum! All of the children are in bed now, reading and chilling out! Wesley is reading his book but I'm sure he will be fast asleep soon after our busy day! Keep checking for more photos tomorrow!Miss Brewin

  11. Hi Maddie, everyone is in bed now, they are tired out! I will make sure I will tell Harvey about the holiday tomorrow! Hope you and everyone at school are ok and looking forwards to tomorrow! Love Miss Brewin

  12. Hi Wesley hope u havin a good time, saskia missing u but says it's very quiet without u we all missing our little gem so much love u loads good night blown u a kiss so make sure u catch it and go to sleep early not reading all night lol xxx

  13. Hiya guys it's Maddie Dyson here, hope your all having a good time. NoT jelous at all. It's very quiet at home with out Harvey (don't miss us too much Harvey) Guessing you've had a busy/tiering day. Have a nice night guys. Maddie xxxxxP.S. Tell Harvey that we have booked the holiday. Love you xxx

  14. Thank you Miss Brewin! I have had a lovely day at school, busy, busy, busy! I wish I was there with you all too. I am missing Mrs Kirby so much! I am really looking forward to seeing our class tomorrow. I bet they will have lots to tell me!Have a lovely day exploring tomorrow everyone! Have fun! xx

  15. Hi everyone, I've had a really good first day and I had lasagne for my tea, it was yummy! I have just been playing table football and will soon be going to bed! Love from Alfie xxxxx

  16. Hi Mrs Roberts, we hope you have had a great day at school! The hills were very steep, wish you were here! Mrs Kirby says she is missing you lots! See you on Friday! Lots of love from everyone xxxxx

  17. Hi dad, we did have a great time, I was busy orienteering! I liked my tea and I'm looking forwards to tomorrows tea. Miss you and love you, Jake xxxx

  18. Thank you Mrs Forshaw. Pleased to hear you got back ok. We have had a great time today and another yummy dinner. Keep looking at our photos, see you Friday. Lots of love Mrs Kirby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. It's nice to hear about you I am in a bed room with Julian,Kane and Ethan. Lots of love Archie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. well it looks like everyones had a busy first day, hope youre all having a good time, hope your being good alfie 🙂 and youve eaten your dinner, will check back in the morning so goodnite all sleep well, goodnite alfie love you from mum dad and holly xxxxxxxxxx

  21. hi all!! it looks like you've already settled in well and are having a fab time! Its great to see you all on the pictures..especially Archie!! Dont stay up too late lol!! have a great night and we'll check in on you again in the morning!!!! xx

  22. Hi everyone. I hope you are having as much fun as we did.Those hills look even steeper than I remember.You will be eating your tea now, I guess. Was it yummy? Please look after Mrs Kirby tonight as she will be very tired.Have fun and GET SOME SLEEP! Mrs Forhaw xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. I'm looking forward to hearing what,s at the top of that big hill, Have a good time Jake and the rest of your team :D.

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