15 responses to “Even more photos!

  1. hi everyone you look like your all having a wonderful time, hope your getting enough sleep and not keeping the teachers up all night. Ha ha ha enjoy the rest of your stay, cant wait to see you all on Monday, the playgrounds been very quiet without you all. see you soon love Mrs trueman xxxxxxxxxx

  2. hi rosie glad 2 see you look as though your enjoying yourselfs we are really missing you cant wait to see you tomorrow love mum and dad xxx

  3. Hi Harry, it looks like from the photos that you're having a great time – hope so! We're missing you loads mate. Daddy has been showing Dylan the photos too. See you tomorrow, love you loads Mummy, Daddy & Dylan xxxxxx

  4. heyya rosie this is tilly and kirby dad has just gone for a run how are you how come your not on any of these pic kirby says you look cute on them love from tilly and kirby xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Glad your enjoying it and hope you did well in the relay races. Dylan has looked at all the photos and was laughing at Matthews shoe. X

  6. Hi mum and dad! I'm having a good time, we have been doing realy races this afternoon. See you tomorrow, love from Harry xxx

  7. Hope that a fab piccie Harry. Enjoy the rest of the time away looking forward to seeing your smiling face tomorrow. Love Garry & Theresa aka mum and dad xx

  8. hi alfie you look like your concentrating on your drawing, hope your having a good time, missing you lots cant wait to see you tomorrow love mum xxx

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