3 responses to “Free time before bed!

  1. Hi Tehya, glad to see your having fun, can't wait to hear all the stories. We're all missing you so much, love you loads see ya tomorrow xxxx mum, dad & Corey x

  2. Hi it is Tara hope u are having a gr8 time looks like u are. it is very very quite no noise i wish i was there but i haft 2 do skwll work i can rememba ma skwll tripes missing ya loads even ma old teachers from Tara xx

  3. Hi,Ethan i hope you wasn't copying Mrs Angus'work were you.Glad to see the front of you for a change,hope you are having a good time,it looks like you are and we are all missing you like mad.Lots of love from Mum,Dad and all the gang xxxxxx

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