20 responses to “Relay games!

  1. Hi,hope you all enjoy your last day,i bet it will be full of fun.I'd just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the staff for looking after our little darlings and can't wait to see you Ethan on your return.Love Mum xxx

  2. Good Morning Sam, Enjoy your last day I bet it is packed with more fun!! Can't wait to pick you up later, and can't wait to hear about everything you have been up to.Thanks to all the teachers for looking after my little boy, and this blog has been amazing.See you later Sambo!!! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Morning nathan hope you had a good nights sleep, enjoy your last day at ilam hall, see u later love you loads mum dad danielle and abigail x x

  4. Morning Isabel I bet you all slept really well last night after all the activities yesterday! Enjoy the rest of your time at Ilam Hall & have a safe journey home. We cant wait to see you.Lots of Love Mummy & Daddy xxxxxxxx

  5. good morning alfie, hope you slept well cant wait to see you today, enjoy your last few hours at ilam hall and i will see you this afternoon love mum xxxx

  6. Good morning Wesley,looks like u all had a brilliant time! Won't be long and u will be home,got u lots of Lego.see u soon lots of love mum xxx

  7. Hi Ethan,looks like you've had a really busy day today,hope you get lots of sleep and can't wait to see you tomorrow.Love Mum xxxxxxxx Ps Alesha has enjoyed sleeping in your bed.

  8. Hi Jord bet you.ve enjoyed these activities. Hope you.re having lots of fun! Charlie missing you lots and me too. See you tomorrow Xxx Jordan.s mum

  9. hi julian..just got back from ratatouille mmmmmmmmmm lovely pizza..looks like you have all had a great time…miss you cant wait for tomorrow. night to you love mum and dad xxxx

  10. hi archie!! me again!! hasnt the sun shone for you today? its been warm again here but very cold at night!! missing you lots. looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. James – Looks like you are having a great time; we are looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow night. Love you – Mum, Dad, Jenny and Rebecca x

  12. Hi everyone, you all look like your having a fantastic time, hope your all getting enough sleep & not keeping the teachers up all night Ha ha ha, missing you all, cant wait to see you on Monday, the playgrounds been very quiet without you all. Enjoy your last evening. love Mrs Trueman xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. You look like you have all had another busy and fun day, the pictures are brill. I bet your all ready for a good nights sleep. hope youve enjoyed yourself alfie goodnight sweet dreams love you from mum dad and holly xxxxx

  14. Ha ha ha Harvey why have you took your coat off but left your hat on you nupty! We miss you loads can't wait to see you tomorrow, looks like you have had a great day! Love Maddie, Mum and Dad xxxxx

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