The last day!

Hello everyone!
Everyone has had a good nights sleep and a lovely breakfast this morning! The children are all packing their cases and tidying their rooms.
We have another activity left this morning and then we are going on a walk before having our lunch. Then we will be getting on the coach and coming home!
See you all soon!

4 responses to “The last day!

  1. Well once again the children, teachers and support staff made us very proud – fabulous feedback from Ilam Hall! Creative thinking, teamwork, resilience and problem solving, polite, helpful and a credit to the school and parents – well done children!Thank you for staff for 'going the extra mile' – yet again! You are wonderful! Also for another successful blog – the parents loved it and so did we! Love Mrs Fearnley xxx

  2. Hope you go on alright with the packing Harry my bet is that is you go for the stuff it in theory you may struggle to get it all in. Love mum dad Dylan x

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