12 responses to “Tea Time

  1. Atika, i hope you ate all ya tea. hope your having a great time. Iqra say's before i could write it…WE ALL MISS YOU! (even though she squabbles with you when your home)See you tommorrow darling… love mum and dad,arman, iqra and sabah xxx

  2. can see your enjoying your tea lewis as always haha. seen your pictures of the day and looks like you've all been busy.see you tomorrow enjoy the rest of your trip love mum,dad and chloe xx

  3. WOW That looks delicious:-) Watch for Daniel eating everyones leftovers- thats what he does at home. We are missing you lots, it's very quiet round ere. Enjoy your food and have lots of fun this evening. Lots love Mum Dad Luke Euan Jacob x x x

  4. Fish n Chips yummy! Looks like everyone is enjoying their tea. Keep posting the pics, it's great to see what you are all doing. Ben's mum. XXXX

  5. Mmmmmmm looks yummy. Hope you have a great evening Maddy, I'm off to work now sweetheart but dad says he'll blog later. Love you millions. XXXXX

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