5 responses to “Breakfast Time

  1. Morning Archie! You look youv had plenty of sleep!! All packed and ready to go, even the hair (nice!) :). Will be watching all day – its fantastic being able to see how you're getting on – and post comments, big well done to all! Enjoy today – hope the rain stays away. Luv u x mum

  2. Looks like Ben ate all the tomato sauce again!!!!! Eat up and enjoy your day, can't wait to see you later. Also a really big thank you to the all teachers who have given their time to make this trip great fun for all the kids, thanks. See you all later, mum, dad, matt & lois. XXXXXX

  3. Yum, breakfast looks delicious, eat up kiera, u will need the energy. Enjoy your day and I'm looking forward to u coming home. Xxxx mum. Xx

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