Northumberland 2012 – Day 1

Hello everyone and welcome to Herringthorpe Junior School’s Y6 Northumberland Blog 2012!

So far it has been very smooth, with all the children arriving on time, and the cases were loaded very quickly ready for our departure.

Many parents, family members and friends were there to wave us off, thanks to all that could make it, and we are now on our way to Beamish. If you have never been before please follow the link to see what’s in store… 
We will aim to keep you informed each day of the trip with photos etc, so please keep checking the blog!
Thanks again, 

43 responses to “Northumberland 2012 – Day 1

  1. hhhheeeyy!!!!!! Had fun? Wait dont answer that :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(::( the days hav been toooooo slow … See evry1 wen u cum bac

  2. Hello Briony its really quiet here without you. bens decided to sleep with me this week as dad is working away we love u an miss you lots but we know you will be having a super duper fab time be good take lots of pictures on your new camera so we can see what you been upto night my princess xxx

  3. Thank you all for lovely messages, we have shared with your little angels.Now they are tucked up in bed. Fast asleep and quite quiet! Mrs Fearnley and all x

  4. Hello Faiza Missing you so much, hope you all had a lovely day, the house is very quiet without you, give my love to the girls and i hope you all have a lovely time tommorrow, love you and miss you loads, from mummy, daddy and sahil xxxx

  5. Hello yasmyn 🙂 Hope your having a lovely time ….Me and the girls are missing you loads Love you lots, looking forward to seeing what you have been up to tomorrow Love and hugs mum xox

  6. Hi EllieHope you have had a good day.Have a good nights sleep ready for tomorrowMissing you lots, it's very quiet without youLove from mum, dad and jessie xxx

  7. Hello Y6, it looks like you have had a great start to your 1st day, can't wait to follow your adventure. Have a wonderful time missing you all Mrs Greenwood :o)

  8. Bed time Mobi-Make sure when u wake up in the morning u wrap up yourself properly or u will start sneezing.We r waiting to see your pictures xxxxxMum

  9. hi safia. nanoo rang said he had lots of apple pies for u. saif found out about the camera he not pleased:( mum said don't delete his pics from Washington DC samir missing u. mum said dont stay up 2 late hope everyone is having a nice time.

  10. Hi keem hope you an all of year 6 had a good day. Zain is walking round the house shouting key looking for you the house is not the same without you here it's very quiet lol, hope you all have a good nights sleep. Good night 🙂 🙂 xxxxxxxx luv yah

  11. Hi year 6,Hope you enjoyed stepping back in time at Beamish. What was your favourite part? Make sure you get plenty of sleep tonight so that you are full of energy for another busy day tomorrow. We have missed you and look forward to hearing about what else you get up to on your travels.From Miss Kerry :o)

  12. Joanne and Joseph willeyhi Thomas hope you've enjoyed your first day at beamish, we all say hello, Sam has fed the pets they are all fine, have a lovely time and we look forward to seeing you on the blog, love you lotsfrom mum, dad, Sam and Ben xxx

  13. Hi LozHope u have had a nice day at Beamish and that u r enjoying ur self. Callum is missing u lots n is looking forward to sleeping in ur bed all week. Luv u lots n lots Mum, Dad and Callum 🙂

  14. Hi Moby,This is Dani, I am feeling lonely as nobody is here to fight with me over PS3 and TV channels.I have eaten all the cake….xxx.Danial

  15. Hi James Hope you've had a great day and are having a fantastic time this evening with your friends. Can't wait to see more pictures of what you're up to. lots of love Mum, Dad and Charlotte xx

  16. Nighat QureshieHi Zainab and gangHope you got there ok and managed to get your suitcase into your room. looking forward to your pictures and activities tomorrow.missing you loads.mum,dad and umar…xxxxx

  17. Hello Moby. Hope u had a great time at Beamish. We are missing u like any thing.Take good care of yourself and have loads of fun.Love uMum, Dad and Dan

  18. Hi Megan and Heather Hope you had a good time at Beamish,bet you were ready for your evening meal, hope they can fill you Heather not like me on a tuesday,straight to sleep tonight Megan ready for a busy day tomorrow.looks like the weather is going to be ok so enjoy sweet dreams love Mum and Lewis xxx

  19. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Joe Joe xx How are you? I hope your ok and having a great time with your friends and not missing your xbox or laptop too much?!! Never mind lily is taking great care of them for you!! Big hugs little man xxxx mum xxx

  20. Hello William. Hope you've had a lovely day at Beamish. Kaspar says hello, he's missing you lots but is enjoying having control of the remote.

  21. Hello Jack. How many trams and buses did you ride on? Hope you are having a great time and will keep checking the blog. Nana and Granny are too!!! Olivia is missing you already.

  22. Hiya Sarah,Hope your having a good time at Beamish, don't forget to take lots of pictures…..the house is too quite !!! but at least we can watch our TV chanels lol xxxx love you loads Mum and Dad xxx

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