28 responses to “Day 2 – Diary writing

  1. Hello Moby, this is your bro Danial how are you. Moby how was your day at Northumberland was it really epic and awesome as you wanted it. Also that picture of you writing your diary is great and superb.

  2. Hi Megan, Looks like you are enjoying your trip, we hope you can share something interesting that you have learned with Spencer when you get back.Love Uncle James, Auntie Wen & Spencer xP.S. Where is Kipper?

  3. looks like your loving it sorry i can,t get on much but the blog isn,t working at home. mrs draycott has kindly let me use her computer to message you and look at your pics love you xx

  4. hi maddi….its alf 10 in the mornin, im just off 2 bed been on nites babes..ope u av a gr8 day on the boat trip n u all see lots ov seals…enjoy ya day mooluv n miss ya lotsmum, dad, ash, josh n lexixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Good morning Yasmyn ….Thaiba says to tell you she has got scamp and is missing you …Aleena says you have been gone ages !!Have fun and the boat today , looking forward to seeing the photos later :)Love mum xox

  6. Hi iqra,Sorry not been able to leave you a message on the blog. You never gave me the blog address!!! We was missing you loads and phoned the school for the address.Hope you and your friends are having a good time.Missing you loads, love you loads,Mum&dad xxx

  7. Hello safia.this is Ian and Betty.we are at the lizard in cornwall.the view of the sea is beautiful.we are following your adventure and looks like you having a great time.see you when you get back.x

  8. Looking tired miss pounder…. Hope your getting your sleep. We miss you its been so quiet without you hope your having fun love u lots mum dad ryan connor ben and kadie-lea xxx

  9. Morning William. Hope you've slept well ready for another busy day. The boat sounds like it will be fun. Enjoy & take some good pictures.xxx

  10. Good morning, oooo boat trip today; bet your excited for that. Have a good breakfast and get wrapped up warm; looks like your in for another interesting day. Have fun, wonder what you will find in the rock pools?? Love you, Mum, Dad and Josh. P.s i'm keeping your bed warm 'cause Josh was in with Dad last night!

  11. hi Tara finally got on the blog.missin you.great to see you having good time.hope you not hungary that food ok for you.enjoy boat trip dont be sick like robyn.mr griffiths not there to clean up!lots o love mum

  12. Goodmorning Melanie and all, hope you slept well and ready for your boat trip and rocking pooling day. Have fun and we look forward to seeing photo's later love you lots nan and grandad xx

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