Day 2 – Sandcastle construction competition!

After lunch we ventured down to the beach, for an exciting, fun and creative ‘Sandcastle competition’.

The groups soon got to work, planning and then constructing their super structures.

The teams had to show creativity, flare and a constructive eye, whilst trying to include as many castle features s they could.

Team work was also an important factor, groups discussed their ideas and then quickly set out to find the most suitable materials for their castles.

And the winners are… For most Realistic sandcastle: Jack C, Melanie, Maddie, Kelsi, Owen H and Sarah.

Most Creative sandcastle: Hakeem, Heather, Moby, Thomas, Faith and Iqra.

21 responses to “Day 2 – Sandcastle construction competition!

  1. mornin maddi…looks like ur avin a gr8 time..well dun all ov u with makin ur sandcastles…enjoy…luv n miss ya maddi moo, mum, dad, ash, josh n lexi xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Why does it not suprise me that your the only one without a coat on Miss Pounder, your not use to the hard work are you?? lol xx mum xx Looks like your having so much fun though xxx

  3. Wow Ryan, was surprised to see you at the edge of the water and not waist deep in it!! Looks like you all made some good castles and had lots of fun, get a good nights sleep ready fo another busy day tomorrow. Love you millions, the three of us xxx

  4. Well done Owen, Melaine, Kelsi, Maddie, Jack and Sarah on you sandcastle, looks like you all had fun!! Have a good nights sleep ready for a fun filled day tomorrow love mun, dad and Shona x x

  5. what a fab sandcastle! well done Mel,Kelsi,Maddy,Jack,Sarah and Owen looks like you all had fun. Mel we miss you lots the house is really quiet, sleep well ready for another busy daylove nan,grandad,jo and sophie xxxx

  6. Hi Joe,Looks like your having a great time, and what a lovely blue sky.Good to see you in your wellies…did you write your name in them or did you change your name to Dunlop as we suggested!Looking forward to seeing more photos.Take care and lots of loveDad x

  7. Hi William. Looks like you all had a great time on the beach making sandcastles. Hope your having a great time. Bamburgh looks a lovely place to visit. Sleep well, missing you lots love mum,dad & Kaspar. Xxx.

  8. Hi Moby,Lovely to see you being the part of a team that made the most creative sandcastle.Really liked ur picture in which u sat at the back of victorian class.We r missing u very u heapsMum,Dad and Dani

  9. Hi Jake. Looks like your having a fab time.Bet you loved Bamburgh Castle and had lots of fun on the beach.Have a lovely day tomorrow. Love you . Mum n Dad n Duch xxx

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