22 responses to “Oh no, pirates! We’ll have to bargain some of Mrs Fearnley’s jewels for our lives!!

  1. Hi FaizaLovely picture, looks like your having a fab time, missing you loads especially you telling me what to do!!!I hope your eating properly, sahil is missing you lots, hope you all have a lovely time tomorrow, give my love to the girls, love you lots and lots, mummy, daddy and sahil xxx

  2. well you certainly packing plenty in.managed to spot you tara on group photo when i zoomed in.saw ellie and took a guess you would not be far away.you will all sleep and eat well anyway.i just got in from work bet all of you in bed so be tomorrow before you know i been looking at blog.would not load again earlier. love and miss you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mum

  3. kelsi it looks like youve got no neck ha ha good to see you enjoying yourself and having fun hope you not talking in your sleep and keeping people up love mum

  4. Hi Draven, I have really enjoyed reading about your daily adventures and you all seem to be having a great time. I can't wait to hear all about it when I see you on Sunday. Have fun! Love you lots. NanNan L. xx

  5. Hi Megan It's nice to see you doing all the things you enjoy, this trip was made for you. I bet you loved the seals and the rock pools. Have a great time tomorrow. Sleep well lots of love Grandma &Grandpa xxxx

  6. Hi MeganWhat a fabulous experience you are having I'm so pleased you decided to go.Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time.Hope you are getting enoughSleep and aren't the last one out of bed in a morning.Enjoy tomorrow and have lotsOf fun sleep well lots of love mum and Lewis xxx

  7. Hi faith. Hope you are having a good time, cant wait to see you when you get back. Lots of love from Sally, Paul, Natalie, Shannon and Max xxxxxxxxxx

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