10 responses to “Rock pooling in Seahouses

  1. Hi Lozzie,U n Sarah look like uve had a good day in that photo, im liking the orange jackets, we will have to get u one when u get home, orange really suits u all.Love u lots,c u tomorrow

  2. Hi Mel,What another busy day you have had, all that sea air you must be shattered. well get plenty of sleep ready for yet another busy day tomorrow. Everyone says hello and we all miss you loads.Sleep well,goodnight love you lotsNan,grandad,Jo and Sophie xxxx

  3. wow,what a wonderful time u all had today.you must be shattered,have plenty of rest.goodnight and sweet dreams.saif,saira and samir are missing you safia.saif said he not missing the cartwheels around the house…..cant wait to see what you get up to tomorrow.goodnight all.xxxxx

  4. Oh my word Sarah that photo of you and Lauren is lovely…….and yet another big smile …….everyone says hiya and hope your all having a great time….love ya loads Bear xxxx

  5. Great photo of you Will. Owen & James. You look to be having an amazing time. What a fantastic experience this trip is for you all. Missing you lots William but the seeing all the photos everyday makes it so much easier. Your teachers are doing a brilliant job with the blog. We look forward everyday to checking what you've been up to. Xx

  6. Did you find anything interesting in the rock pools Ry?? Looks like you have had another busy day, bet your shattered!! Have a good relaxing evening and a good nights sleep ready for your day tomorrow. Big hug from Mum and Dad.

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