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  1. Good morning Ryan, looks like you had a fun packed final night, well done to everyone who took part. I got all excited this morning when I woke up and realised it's Friday and you will be home in a few hours; we've all missed you but are so glad that you have had this wonderful learning experience that will leave you with some fantastic and fun memories of your friends and teachers. Make the most of your last day looking round the Lifeboat Museum and good luck with your packing!!!! Big thanks to the teachers and organisers for taking care of you, Love you Ryan have a safe journey home, Mum, Dad & Josh x

  2. Good Morning William. Enjoy your last day in Northumberland. Looks like you've had a brilliant time this week. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back later. We've all missed you so much.see you soon. Mum,dad. William I am so excited to see you later missed you lots can't wait to give you a hug. Love Kaspar.xxxxxxxx

  3. Good Morning Zainab.Looks like last night was really good fun.Hope you all have a fun packed last day.A big thank you to all the staff for making this trip special, and taking such good care of all our children.Can't wait to see you Zainab.Love Mum, Dad and not forgetting the wonderful Umar

  4. good morning all,pouring down with rain in rotherham.have fun today regardless of the weather.safe journey home.see you all later.love you safia.from dad,mum,saif,saira,samir,nanoo,nani,uncle abby,auntie saj,,auntie maf,rozena,chris and jim.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Wow looks as though you had a great time last night! We are all looking forward to welcoming you back and hearing all about your adventures. Enjoy your last day.See you laterMiss Kerry :o)

  6. hi everyone.thankyou for keeping us informed on your trip.really enjoyed the lovly pictures.thankyou to all the staff for looking after our children.i know the children will have learned so much as well as having some fantastic memories.hav fun tomorrow at the grace darling lifeboat museum.enjoy your last night together with your friends safia.remember to say thankyou to all who looked after you.love you.goodnight.xxx

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