4 responses to “He’s here! Safe and sound

  1. hi everyone.thankyou for keeping us informed on your trip.really enjoyed the lovly pictures.thankyou to all the staff for looking after our children.i know the children will have learned so much as well as having some fantastic memories.hav fun tomorrow at the grace darling lifeboat museum.enjoy your last night together with your friends safia.remember to say thankyou to all who looked after you.love you.goodnight.xxx

  2. Hi Moby, U look great.seems like u have loads of fun at Northhumberland.See u and hear ur adventures as we r planning to dine out tomorrow.xxxxxxxxxDani

  3. Moby Paroo,So excited to see you after ages. Almost back to life.Thanks to Allah u r safe and sound.Cant wait to see you and hear your tales.Love u loadsMum, Dad

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