Just arrived after a good journey. Stopped at Pickering for a comfort break. children all quiet at the moment as they are eating. It’s like a scene from a zoo! Rooms all sorted and children happy with who they are with. Will update post later tonight.

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  1. hi LucyHope you slept well last night,enjoyed seeing you make a viking boat…..what next? fish and chips you bring home tommorrow!! Can't wait till you are home even though it has been boring without you.have a lovely final day,hope you have all enjoyed yourselves. lots of hugs and kisses mun,dad,Marcus,Ashley,Humphrey and Stripe xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Zara,From the photos it seems you've had a busy enjoyable day. Hope it didn't tire you too much lol. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Love you loads. From Mum, Dad and Mariam xxx

  3. Hi Matt, I bet you was tired after climbing up all those steps. It looks like everyone is having a fab time. Josh and Tia can't wait for your return and as for Noah I don't think he has even noticed you have gone 🙂 love from everyone back at home xxxx

  4. Lucy, Hope you are learning new things and making new friends. It has been really quiet without you. you look very demure in the photo,hope you are behaving yourself!! Don't forget to taske some nice photos. Lots of hugs and kisses mum,dad,Marcus,Ashley,Humphrey and Stripe xxxxx

  5. Hi zakiy, pappy here. . .Hope you are all having a fabulous time .. make sure you take plenty of pics for us to see when you get back . . We are missing you lots . . as is the Roblox laptop . .who isnt getting much use now that you are not home. . .Mum and Neha are missing you too . . especially Neha . .Look forward to seeing you tomorrow . . .lots of loveMum, Dad, and Neha . .XXX

  6. Hi Leoni hope your having a great time so far,missing u already and the house is really quiet without you! Looking forward to seeing some photos of you,love you loads mum,Cj,jack and Tia xxxx

  7. Hi Brooke, hope your having a fab time, missing you loads especially Ginny!I bet you've had a great time and get a good nights sleep ready for a big day tomorrow. We look forward to seeing some pics tomorrow. Chaise says hi and ooo she's got her bed to herself lol!Lots of love from Mummy,Daddy,Chaise,Ginny and RJ xxxx

  8. Hi Isabel & Mary, Hope you have had a lovely day and are ready for an early night! We are missing you lots and it's very quiet without you both! Looking forward to seeing some photo's tomorrow. Lots of Love & Kisses Mummy,Daddy,Harry,Grandma & Grandad xxxxxxxxxx

  9. Hi Harvey, the playroom and Lego are missing you (and so are me and dad – not sure about Maddie!). Hope you manage to get some sleep tonight and enojoyed your first day! Lots of love Mum, Dad n big sis xxx

  10. Hello Harvey,Hope your having fun!The computer is calling you (lol).Glad you got there safe, did Mr Hill make you do the sun dance he did with me and Tanaka lol.Have fun.Llove from Maddie xxxx

  11. Hi Leonie so glad you arrived safely hun , we're all really missing you already ,make sure you take lots of pics to show us what a great time you have had hope you have a fab day tomorrow and we can't wait to see you on wednesday we're sending you lots of kisses good night and sweet dreamslots of love Mummy , Daddy ,Antalia and monte xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Hi Ethan glad to hear that you all got there safely and can't wait to see some photos later.Hope you've had a great first day. Missing you loads already. Lots of love from Mum, Dad and all the gang including Beau xxx.

  13. Hi Joe, Glad that you've arrived safely,Mummy was very worried! Hope that your having a great time.Abbies missing you already but taking her mind off it by using your minecraft account and giving away all of your diamonds and other good stuff…. Just kidding 😀 Dad says Hi and brush your teeth! Love you lots xxx

  14. Glad you are all there safely, look forward to some pictues.Hope you are having a good time Logan.Lots of love Mum, Dad and your sisters and brothers xxx

  15. Hello year 5 and staff, Glad to hear you got there safely, looking forward to seeing new pictures and blogs tomorrow. School seems to be very quiet without you all! Lots of love,Miss Cheetham xxx

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