Day one complete

Just finished a fun and busy afternoon and evening.
First stop was the abbey with the weather staying kind to us, it was even warm. Children enjoyed being out in the fresh air.

Back at the hostel it was bed making time. Some mastered this easily, some tied themselves up in knots but eventually all beds made.

Next was dinner and the portions were enormous, even Mrs Mapplebeck couldn’t finish hers!!
The evening activities involved Viking weaving and Viking weaponry and the influence they had on Whitby and the surrounding area.

All listened and participated well but many started to flag and are now getting ready for bed. Up at 7.30 am for another fun day. Hope the weather stays fine.

10 responses to “Day one complete

  1. Pleased to see everyone having a great time! hope Amaan gets to see this.Hope you bring us back lots of sweets. From the pictures i can see everyone is enjoying themselves hope you have a safe return lots of love from Amaan's Mum,dad, grandparents and brother 🙂

  2. Morning Isabel & MaryHope you had a good night's sleep and didn't get up at 6am like you do at home!Have a lovely day and I can't wait to see what you have been up to when I check in later, hopefully I'll see you on a photo!Take careLots of Love Mummy xxxxxxxx

  3. Adele GaleGood morning Ethan glad to hear you had a busy and fun packed afternoon, but will you stop hiding from the camera so we can see what fun you are having. Don't forget to take lots of photos and Grandma says she'll be going to your class tomorrow. Alesha is missing you as are we all.Can't wait to see the pictures of todays events.Lots of love Mum,Dad and all the gang xxxxxx.

  4. you all look like you are having a great time and the weather looks good,fingers crossed for another sunny day. Will check in later to see what Harvey has been upto!Joanne Harvey's Mum x

  5. Good morning alfie, morning everyone, hope u all slept well and are looking forward to the day aheadafter a good are fab look forward to seeing some more of all todays adventureshave fun will check back laterlove mum dad holly xxx

  6. Wow Joe, You are so making your bed from now on ;), have a fantastic time tommorow, spend lots on fudge and handmade soap 😀 and the remainder on yourself lol sleep well thinking about you. All our love XxXx

  7. glad to see everyone enjoying themselves!! hope archie gets more sleep tonight than last night as he couldnt sleep with excitement! night all and have fun tomorrow despite the early start!!! xxxxx night archie from mum, dad and ellis and flash!!x

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