Day 2 afternoon

Following sandwiches at lunchtime the children enjoyed a bit of spare time exploring the hostel’s grounds. A much needed release of energy. The afternoon activities have been both enjoyable and informative with team building and archaeology being the areas covered. Many new undiscovered talents have surfaced with budding carpenters, mechanics and archaeologists coming to light. The children have worked well together with much cooperation and support.

Move over time team, its time for Herringthorpe Archaeology School

We have worked as teams to construct a Viking longboat. Without cooperation and support we would not have been able to make it.

Stained glass window making to come!!!

8 responses to “Day 2 afternoon

  1. awwwww i love the pic of you all in the long boat especially of you leonie , you all look so happywe're really excited for tomorrow hun for when you come home so you can tell us all about it xxxx

  2. Hi Lucy, It looks as though you've had a fun day with the long boat building,had to look hard to find you. Hope you are taking lots of photos. See yuou when you get home tomorrow. Lots of love Nan and Grandad xxx

  3. Hi Isabel & MaryIt looks as though you've had a brilliant day doing lots of exciting things. I bet you are really tired after all that walking and fresh air you'll both be ready for an early night!I think Mary must be camera shy but I see you're not Isabel!! Cant wait to see you both tomorrow.Lots of Love Mummy & Daddyxxxxxx

  4. Hi Ethan glad to see you laying down on the job of long boat building and getting stuck in and that you were surrounded by the girls.Looks like you've had a really good day.Lots of love from all the gang xxxxxxx

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