24 responses to “Stained glass window factory

  1. Dear all you look like you are having an amazing time and learning so much! I love the photograph of you under the whale arch. Mrs. Sealey has put it on our newsletter. Have a safe journey home. Love Mrs. Fearnley.

  2. Goodmorning Brooke,Hope you have had a great time in Whitby, enjoy today and dont spend all your spening money on junk!!!Cant wait to see you later when you get back to school,have a fab day lots of love from the whole Famxxxxxx

  3. Morning Isabel & MaryHope you've had a good night and are enjoying your breakfast. Have a lovely last day and I'm sure you'll spend every single penny of your spending money! We cant wait to see you later and hear all about your adventures, we've missed you. Remember to pack EVERYTHING!Lots of Love Mummyxxxxxxx

  4. Good morning Ethan hope you had a good nights sleep,enjoy your last breakfast in Whitby. Have a safe journey home and can't wait to see you to hear about all your adventures. Lots of love from Mum,Dad and all the gang xxxxxxxxx

  5. oh my word…what a very busy day you have all had, looks great fun though! Bet you are all tucked up in bed now after such an exhausting day!! (bet the teachers are shattered too, well done all of you!) Can't wait to see you Harv, missin you loads, I thought Maddy was the noisy one! Lots of love Mum, Dad n Maddy xxx

  6. karen and paul cotterhillhi lauren it looks like you have had a really busy day, it looks like you was having a lot of fun doing the viking boat, the pics are great you all look like you have had a brill time. carnt wait to see you tomorrow!! nite nite love you lots mum,dad,ellie,molly and mika xxxxx

  7. Hi Luke some great pictures of you, u look so happy, enjoy the rest of the trip and I will see you tomorrow, can't wait, gonna cook your favorite for tea! Including a big chocolate cake! Goodnight sweetheart love ya lots, mum, dad. Kira, megs and buzz xxxx

  8. Hi Ethan it is your sis Tara here very quiet without you missing you not fear because i haft to feed your rabbit hope you found something in the sand i can remember when i went to whitby see you to morrow love the mob including the dog beau xx

  9. hi archie!! it looks like you're having a great time!! bet you're gutted you aren't staying for the full week!!!but can't wait to see you tomorrow!! hope you don't bring home too much washing!!!love you lots x mum, dad and ellis xx

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