13 responses to “Making our beds

  1. Night night Lola. Well now you've made ur bed once it should be like riding a bike. Hope u have a good day tomorrow. Lots love mum n dad n Clara. Xxx

  2. Nite nite Piper, try to get some sleep as I'm sure you're going to have another fun packed day tomorrow.We're missing you(even the cats who don't know what to do without you stroking the life out of them)Love you lots Mum, Dad and Kear xx

  3. good night mya get fast to sleep quick becouse you will need all your rest for another big day tomorrow carnt wait to see more pictures!!! love you ….. mum dad and kayahan xxxxxx

  4. Hi Isobel, looks like you had a great time today.Missing you loads, Hope you made your bed ok. Good night bel.Love you loads Dadxxxxxx

  5. sleep well everyoneNight night Soph you need lots of sleep for tomorrow, i'll look at the blog when i get up for work.sleep welllove you loadsnan, grandad, mel & jojo xxxxxxxxx

  6. well its nearly bedtime miya i know you will have had a fab day ,i cant wait to see your candle when you get back hope you get a good nights sleep ready for another exciting day tomorrow,good night sleep tight love you lots.

  7. Well Jack its almost bedtime i hope you did a good job at making ur bed, i cant wait to see the candle you made earlier ..good night god bless love you loads love mum & sam xxx

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