9 responses to “Time for the main meal!

  1. Hi Umar,Tea looks delicious,the house is really quiet without you, missing you loadsEnjoy the rest of your evening and have a fab day tomorrow.Love Zainab, mum and dad

  2. Hi Amir That looks yum 3 course meal wow, hope you have had a fab day the house is very quite without you, have a lovely evening. love from everyone xx

  3. What's all this 3 course stuff? I've just had to cook tea after a hard day at work. Are you feeling sorry for me yet? Make sure you eat it all up ~ no waste! Have a lovely evening.xxxxx

  4. Hope its as nice as my cooking Sam 🙂 We are having Chicken Dinner tonight but no starter or pudding!!! You are the lucky one 🙂 Enjoy clean plate!!Love Mum x Dad x Jobi x

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