6 responses to “And we are ready!

  1. HI Tehya, sorry I've not blogged you earlier but some of us have to work and dad doesnt know how to blog,bad dad. Glad you'r still having an amazing time. Can't wait to see you tomorrow, and listen to all you'r stories. Love you loads, goodnight, god bless, love you sweet dreamsMum, Dad, Corey and Harvey xxxxx

  2. Hi jack, well it soon will be bedtime , dont forget to go through ur check list in the morning when ur packing ur case because we all know how forgetful you are ha ha love mum xx

  3. Hi Piper, glad to see you're clean and dry after your mud bath!!!Looks like you've all had a great time. Can't wait to see you tomorrow and hear all about the wonderful things you've been doing.Love you lots Mum, Dad and Kear xxxxps. A BIG special "Thank You" to all the teachers and helpers who've made the trip possible.

  4. Bingo how exciting wonder what the prize is?? 🙂 ENJOY!!!!! Bed time soon 🙁 Get some sleep and see you tomorrow SamGood Night Love you!!!!Mum xxx Dad xxx High Five from Jobi

  5. Hi Amir hope your have enjoyed your day, and your muddy walk. have a good game off bingo and we all can't wait till we see you tomorrow. love you loads see you soon xxxxsister Farah

  6. have a great game hope you win mya you have done so much great things brilliant … these picture of all the update are fantastic .. love you mya .. mum dad and kayahan xxx

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