Good Morning

Day 2 at Castleton

Morning everyone, all the children are busy getting up and dressed after a peaceful nights sleep. We are going for breakfast at 830 and then off on our three rocks walk. I'm sure we will be shattered by lunch time.

We really hope you enjoy day two of our Residential.

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3 responses to “Good Morning

  1. Good morning all, hope you got a good nights sleep Ben!It looks like you all had a lot of fun yesterday, with more in store for today. Enjoy your walk, and don't forget the photo's.Love from mum, dad, matthew & lois xxx

  2. Good morning everyone and good morning Joseph!Hope you all had a good nights rest so that you are ready for today. I'm off to work now, so I will look forward to catching up with you this evening. Make sure that theres loads for me to look at Joe – Mum xxxx

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