5 responses to “The Pizza group

  1. Can't see you on the pic Ben, but I'll bet you picked pizza, just remember to leave some tomato sauce for everyone else.Looks like you've had another fun packed day. So glad you took your wellies and waterproof trousers, all that mud and rain, I bet you loved it.Can't wait to see you tomorrow.Loads of love mum, dad, matthew and lois xxp.s. A huge thanks to the teachers for all their hard work, you've given the kids a fantastic oouple of days.

  2. Hi Jack, i hope you enjoyed ur pizza, cant wait to see you tomorrow hope you,ve all really enjoyed ur self lots of love mum and sam nannan xxx

  3. Hello umar, I bet you enjoyed your pizza, everybody is missing you can't wait to see you tommorow. sleep well!Love Zainab mummy and daddy Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. That surprises me Sam thought you would have picked Lasagne!! Hope you enjoyed your PizzaClean Plate!!! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures when you get home tomorrow hope you have used your camera!! BIG LOVE Mum xx Dad xx High Five from JOBI 🙂

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