4 responses to “Breakfast Time

  1. Good Morning Sam Enjoy your breadkfast I am sure you will I can't wait to see you later we have missed you sooooooooooo much the house has been quiet without you Sam, I am sure you will have loads to tell me about your adventures BIG LOVE Mum xxx Dad xxx High Five from Jobi 🙂 🙂

  2. Good morning Maddy, cant wait to see you this afternoon and give you a massive hug and kiss. Looking forward to celebrating my belated birthday and bonfire night tonight, we've got sparklers, fireworks, hotdogs and those yummy pies you like . . . . . there is even some birthday cake left just for you!!!!! Enjoy the rest of your day in Castleton and I'll see you very soon. Love you loads sweetheart. Mum Xxx

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