11 responses to “Into our rooms we go!

  1. Did u get the top bunk kiera ? Dont forget to swap tomorrow !!!!I think Iv got a shizlett in bed for the night… She sends you a kiss and promises not to mess up your room. LOL. Miss ya. Love and Huggs mum x

  2. Eh up Soph! Glad to see you are having a fantastic time and are there safely. Mum, Matt and I all send our love and have read your message in the kitchen about 500 times! Don't keep others awake with constant talking! Oh…and…zip it shrimpy!

  3. Hi Eve, you look like you're all ready for some fun! We are missing you loads, Sam sends his love and some incessant ramblings. Has your hat shrunk?! Have a splendiferous time, don't wear everyone out too much… PS thank you for the lovely note. Love you loads and loads and loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Yay!! excited girlies!! You all look like you are having such a fun time! I wish I could be there, you will have to remember EVERYTHING so you can tell me all about next Monday when I see you all xx

  5. Hi there Amy Looks like you are all having fun. We are missing you loads…..Issy is being her usual self…Looks like you girls have got the best bedroom…make sure you look after each other…We love you very much, Mummy, Daddy and Issy xxxxx PS Make sure you get on more photo's lol

  6. Izzy, we are all looking at your photo's. Grandma says Hi, and boys have huge kisses for their big sister. Looks like you won't have much sleep tonight, but plenty of FUN INSTEAD! Love you xxx#This is what Sammie has to say uyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyybkm,kmn b xetn6tszxfxxxx

  7. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH WE CAN SEE "MERRY" make sure you behave and you be a good girl and look after Lauren and all the girls!!!!! AND NO SNORING Merry xx have a great time girls xx

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