4 responses to “Room 2!

  1. I hope you boys learned a thing or two. 🙂 You are looking very relaxed down there Harry! Well done Lauren for showing them how it's done. Hope you are all having a fantastic time. It looks like a great trip. Sleep tight. Xx

  2. Jordan you lazy bum! Hope you're all having a lovely time. Thank you Lauren for looking after the boys! No drama.s on the coach there this time i hope (Jordan lost a tooth last time!)sleep tight all of you, love you lots Jordanfrom mum dad and Charlie XxTry not to be giggling all night!!

  3. Ha ha ha, Well done Lauren for helping the boys, I've trained you well pity that you can't do it at home :)Is n't it time you were all in your beds fast asleep????well hope you all get a good night sleep, love you loads Lauren xx

  4. Hi boys,I hope you've said a big thank you to Lauren for helping you. Find them a job to do for you Lauren :-)Harry Cartlidge you cheeky monkey, can you not move your bum of the bed and help.Lots of love Mummy, Daddy & Dylan xxxx

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