5 responses to “Fossil making!

  1. Hello James looking good with the hair, George says you've nicked his hair gel! have fun with the fossil making. Love mum, Dad & George x

  2. Hi Izzy, I bet you are having a great time fossil making. Hope it's something nice for tea. Love you lots and lots.Grandma is going to send you some messages later too.Love Mam xxx

  3. Hi hisham, you looking good in the back, hope you enjoyed fossil making. looking forward to seeing more pictures of you and rayyan. Love mum, dad and ayesha xx

  4. Hi Daniel and James …. You both look right cool dudes with your spikey hair. enjoy fossil making. Whats on the menu tonight Daniel? We're goin to Granny's for tea yummy yummy:-) lots love xxxx

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