Good Evening

All the children are busy in their rooms organising there clothing reading for the morning making sure they don't forget anything. They are now going over for lunch –

Tonight's menu is

Chicken Curry

Penne pasta

Or Jacket potato with a choice of fillings!

I am sure they will enjoy tea!

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4 responses to “Good Evening

  1. hi kian. looks like all you guys are having a great time. The muddy walk looked like loads and loads of fun.Hope you enjoying yourself enjoy the rest of your stay and we'll see you tomorrow lots of love mum,dad and boo xx

  2. i hope jayjay will have a good sleep and the boys in his room and in the morning annoy the girls and have a good journey back here to schoolfrom bobbyP.S boys in jayjays room make sure jayjay gets to sleep and not get giddy

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