6 responses to “Lauren enjoying the Mud!

  1. Oh Lauren WOW!! now thats how to do handprints without the need for paint! hehehe At first I thought you had gloves on! hehehe glad your having a great time! :o) xx

  2. Ha ha ha ha Lauren, i can just imagine what your mum was thinking when she saw this photo. . . . a trip to the coat shop maybe?!!!! Keep having loads of fun, Maddy is missing you and cant wait to catch up next week. 🙂

  3. Nice one Lauren….. am laughing at the thought of your lovely Mum emptying your case tomoz 😀 hee hee hee PS Tell Daniel to keep them waterproofs on – thats my boy!! lots love xxxx

  4. OH MY GOSH…….good afternoon Lauren!!!! how funny do you look, obviously your having a great time, looks like fun there, i bet Amber would have loved to have been with you on your walk, missing you loads xxxx

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